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Sue Tribe is an experienced counsellor based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Since 2001, she has run a successful practice in Up Hatherley, and strives to help people who may be suffering from a range of difficulties within their lives. Sue practises Emotional Therapeutic Counselling, which is a person-centred and creative approach, with a focus on interaction and communication. Providing you with a safe space and a supportive environment, Sue's intention is to help you unravel, express and understand any difficult feelings and emotions you may be experiencing, allowing you to take fulfilling and positive steps forward.

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Sue Tribe

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is a person-centred, interactive and creative talking therapy which aims to help people who are suffering from any difficulties within their lives.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling can help people with a range of difficulties within their lives, which may include relationship problems, family issues, loss & bereavement, work related issues such as bullying, financial worries, illness, parenting problems or unresolved emotional trauma from the near or distant past. You might feel depressed, suffer from anxiety, sad, angry, isolated, lacking in confidence, low self-esteem, stuck or unable to cope.

As a counsellor, Sue will provide you with a safe and supportive environment within which you can be heard and emotionally supported. She will listen to you without judgement, and offer you the time and encouragement that you need in order to explore the difficulties present within your life. Throughout this process, Sue will help you to unravel, express and make sense of your feelings and emotions using gentle and effective therapeutic techniques.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling can also focus on your journey beyond the counselling process. With this in mind, Sue also aims to help you improve your self-esteem and self-worth, and encourages you to look at the choices you have. This will empower you to create a more fulfilling and positive future.

Sue has worked with a large number of people with varying and diverse needs, and during her time as a practising counsellor she has witnessed how the Emotional Therapeutic Counselling process has changed and transformed many peoples lives, and enabled them to take positive steps forward.

About Sue

Sue Tribe

Since 2001, Sue has run a successful counselling practice in Up Hatherley, Cheltenham. She works with adults on a one-to-one basis, and is passionate about helping people to be happier, healthier and live more fulfilling lives by encouraging and supporting them to make positive changes.

She is especially aware of how the demands of life can take it's toll on people's physical and emotional well-being. Prior to becoming a practising counsellor, she worked within the financial sector in Cheltenham for over 25 years, and has also fought life-threatening illness.

Sue prides herself on listening to people, and is empathetic, caring and encouraging, taking a gentle approach which immediately puts people at ease. Providing you with a safe and confidential space in which to explore difficult, painful feelings and emotions is important, and Sue is always respectful and completely accepting.

Sessions with Sue are tailored to your needs, and she is able to support you through a recent crisis, long-term problems, or general feelings of unhappiness - even if you don't necessarily know the root cause of the problem. Sue is able to work with people for as long as they feel that they need support, whether that is short or long-term, or on an ad-hoc basis.

National Counselling Society Logo National Counselling Accredited Member

Sue is also fully insured, qualified and registered with the appropriate governing bodies for the therapies that she practises.

  • Accredited member of The National Counselling Society (MNCS).
  • Advanced Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (E.T.C.).
  • Certificate in the Mind Detox Method, which is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.
  • 21 years experience working with a variety of people with varying needs and difficulties.
  • Practises an integrative approach, with emphasis on Emotional Therapeutic Counselling and the Mind Detox Method.


Sue feels that it is important that counselling is easily accessible and affordable for people who need support, and offers several ways in which you can reduce the cost of sessions. In addition, Sue provides an initial consultation free of charge, followed by one session at £35.00.

After the first two sessions (the initial free consultation, followed by one session at £35.00), a single 1 hour session costs £55.00. However, the cost of sessions can be reduced further by purchasing multiple sessions at any time.

  • Initial free consultation.
  • £35.00 for the first session following the initial consultation, and then..
  • 1 Session: £55.00
  • 2 Sessions: £100.00
  • 4 Sessions: £190.00


Phone 01242 693896 / 07926 344646

If you would like to chat with Sue about counselling, or arrange a free consultation, you can contact her by telephone on 01242 693896 / 07926 344646, or send her a message using the form below.

Cheltenham counselling with Sue Tribe is based in Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 3LA.

Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire